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The Learning Space

Thanks for singing up! You will receive an invoice shortly.

What is it?

The Learning Space is a membership based professional development program facilitated by The Happy Space Allied Health for professionals

and paraprofessionals to get together and learn about a topic of shared interest presented by experts in their field.

What is included?

Attendance at at least 10 professional development nights, a combination of in-person or Zoom presentations.

  • 4 broad presentations (e.g. occupational therapy, education, and more).

  • 6 speech pathology specific presentations.

Unlimited access to slides and recordings of each presentation (where permitted by presenters).

Certificate of attendance for each presentation.

When is it?

Presentations are typically on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. The time of each presentation will be confirmed prior to the presentation, and the recording will be available within 72
hours after the prese
ntation is finished.

What is the cost?

Speech Pathology (monthly) membership: $300 annually.

Allied Health (quarterly) membership: $150 annually.

Giving a Presentation

The Learning Space

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