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Pretend Play Group

In our Let’s Pretend group, we engage in a range of super fun activities where we work on sequencing ideas, problem solving, developing oral narratives, taking turns, asking questions and

extending imaginative play ideas.

Past activities have included playing doctor, going to the ‘hairdresser’, painting a ‘train’ then going for a ‘ride’, climbing up Jack’s beanstalk to see what we find, having adventures with stuffed animals, making potions, fighting dragons and sharing a broomstick with a witch!


Parents can wait in the waiting area or have a walk to a local café for the 45-minute session.

Fun with Imagination

Who is Let's Pretend for? Children aged 3-6 who are using sentences to communicate and who are learning to play cooperatively with their peers and extend on their pretending and imaginative abilities.

When is it? Let’s Pretend runs fortnightly on a Wednesday morning at 9:30am.

Our son has always been anxious separating from me. But Carla and Jamima must have some sort of magic because  now he walks into all his group sessions confidently and independently! I always hear so much laughter coming from the rooms and the children are always soooo excited to share about their session after. Thank you for creating such a fun, engaging, safe and happy place for our little boy to be himself : )

Dawn, mum of 3 year old client.

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