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Early Language Groups 

In our Little Communicators group, we discuss and use strategies and supports for extending language, social interaction with peers and developing exploratory play. In our group we use routines of play to support little ones with tuning into their turns, sharing attention with their peers and developing peer imitation and engagement.

Examples of these activities include: nursery rhymes, parachute, musical instruments and singing, and bubbles.
Parents are present and interactive in this 45 minute group. This supports carryover of skills and strategies to the home environment.

Little Child Girl Learning to Social Event at Denla School.jpg

Who are our little communicators? Children aged 2-3 years, with or without diagnoses of delays or disabilities who are not using words yet, using one word or using word combinations.

When is it? Little Communicators runs fortnightly on a Wednesday morning at 11:30am, or on a Saturday at 10am.

The language groups at The Happy Space are incredibly valuable for both parents and their children alike. The fun sessions become an important support circle for parents and allow children to not only gain confidence with their speech, but also in their interactions with others. My daughter is learning social skills with same-aged peers, sharing and turn-taking, and how to voice her wants and needs while also respecting those of her friends. She always has a blast in the wonderfully interactive environment at The Happy Space and never wants to leave!

Jess, mum of 3 year old client

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